Club Structure

Mission Statement

Assure that all golf members and guests have a positive golf experience at Mendakota Country Club, ensure fairness and consistency, and instill a sense of competitiveness and self-improvement. Recognize achievement in golf and promote a sense of tradition reflective of the roots of Mendakota Country Club.

The Board of Directors, elected by the membership at large governs the business and property of Mendakota Country Club, Inc.  Several standing committees authorized by the Board of Directors meet regularly and advise the Board on matters within their specific areas.

These committees and their assigned areas include:

The Golf Committee

All golf and golf-related events and Pro Shop.

The Greens Committee

The golf course and its maintenance.

The House Committee

The management, operation and maintenance of the clubhouse and its equipment.

The Membership Committee

Marketing and selling efforts to prospect and close new memberships as well as maintaining 100% membership satisfaction.

The Finance Committee

Financial affairs of the club.

The Handicap Committee


The Food & Service Committee

Oversees Dining and Entertainment.

All members are encouraged to volunteer their time for committee involvement wherever interests occur and availability allows. With active committee participation among our members, we're all assured of having a club experience that's geared to accommodate the many, not just the few